Songs for Turning a Bad Day Around

When I met Ellie Holcomb in person, I cried. (#typical) She led a night of worship at a conference I attended, and after her set, she stood by to give autographs and take pictures.

When our family first moved to Michigan, I listened to Ellie’s As Sure as the Sun album on almost constant repeat. My son, Ian, who wasn’t yet 2 years old, learned to sing along to the “la la las” in the song “Marvelous Light.” At each meal, I would sit at our dining table missing my friends and family terribly. But I would turn on that song, Ian would sing, and I would feel much less alone. I’m forever grateful for that album, and even though I was a blubbery mess, I’m so happy I got to tell Ellie about it. (How often do we have an opportunity like that?!)

There’s something magical about a good song, do you think? The way it can take you back to a certain moment, solidify a relationship, or change your mood completely.

Rebekah and I know the power of a good lyric and melody to remind you us of truth, to switch off the negative talk in our heads, or help us pause for a moment of stillness and joy. I’ve especially come to rely on worship music and songs about faith to reset my mood and turn my attention back to Jesus when I’m having a rough day. That's why we include some music recommendations at the end of every issue—we want you to feel that magic, too. 

We've taken some of those recommendations and gathered them up in one place for you, and we even put together a little playlist. Next time you're having a rough day (or even if your day is going just fine), we hope you'll hit the "play" button.


  1. “The Goodness” by John Mark and Sarah McMillan: For when you’ve reached the end of the day and need to be reminded that God is there and the source of all that’s good.

  2. “Braver Still” by JJ Heller: For when circumstances have overwhelmed you and you need to remember that God offers the strength to keep going.

  3. “Not in a Hurry” by Will Reagan: For when you need permission to move at your own pace, to let lesser things go in favor of communion with Jesus.

  4. “God’s Highway” by Sandra McCracken: For when you feel unsure about next steps and need to remember that Jesus is walking with you.

  5. “Do It Again” by Elevation Worship: For when things are not working out as expected and you need to remember God’s faithfulness.

  6. “River of Grace” by Christy Nockels: For when you want to let go of worry and anxiety and remember the sufficiency of God’s grace.

  7. “Red Sea Road” by Ellie Holcomb: For when you need encouragement to hope, even if you can’t see the road ahead.

  8. “Set Free” by More Than Rubies: For when you need a pep talk and encouragement to live into the freedom Jesus offers.

There you have it! One song for every day of the week, plus a bonus. ;) We’ve linked to each of these songs on Spotify, but here are they are gathered in one playlist, too.

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