Welcome to The Drafting Desk Blog!

Hello, sweet friends! 

Throw on your party hats, because today is a big day over here at The Drafting Desk. 

If you're here, you've figured it out by now, but YES, we are launching a blog!

It's been fun getting this set up behind the scenes, and today we're going to take some time to answer some questions you might have. Ready? 

Wait! A blog? Is the newsletter going away?

NO! The Drafting Desk Newsletter will still be the heart and soul of what we do here. We know that inboxes can be a place that fuel overwhelm and our heart still is to bring some peace, joy, and grace to that space! 

So, what are you doing here?

Glad you asked! Our blog will be a place to share some of the content that doesn't fit into the newsletter. We'll share some super practical stuff, and we'll provide occasional updates on the stories we told and themes we explored together in past newsletter issues. You can expect about one post per week. And one thing we are super excited about is the opportunity the blog gives us to highlight the voices of some other writers and members of our Drafting Desk community.

What?! Who?
We know we are not the only women in the world to wrestle with perfectionism, and we are excited to welcome new writers who will share their thoughts with you here. We've got some great pieces lined up for the fall, but if you have a story or insight to share, we want to know about it! Email us at thedraftingdesk AT gmail DOT com with your pitch or completed piece. We'll be in touch with more details after that!

The blog will be just one more avenue by which we can share soulful encouragement for recovering perfectionists. Have anything specific you'd love us to cover? Let us know.

We're glad you're here!